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With more than 65 years of experience designing and manufacturing TV reception and distribution products worldwide Televes has the right solution for you


Broadcast TV professionals and discriminating consumers in more than 100 countries worldwide trust Televes when it comes to transmitting receiving and viewing their favorite TV programs.

65 years equals more than 20,000 continuous days standing by and with our customers, providing us with fresh outlooks, new challenges to overcome, invaluable lessons learned, the opportunity to grow and real success stories to share.


Installed antennas in the last 10 years


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Our passion for quality extends beyond the finished product. We not only create, design and manufacture our products ourselves, we have also designed and developed our entire manufacturing process in a facility like no other to ensure we can deliver the finest solutions for you, our valued customer.

Our 100% automated production lines ensure the best quality possible is achieved in every single product we manufacture. We are committed to productivity to achieve the highest quality standards while staying price competitive and capable to serve the demand from our customers worldwide.

Cutting Edge Technology Unmatched Performance

The most talented and dedicated people, the right manufacturing methods and the most productive workplace equals the perfect formula for success to solve and overcome the everevolving technological challenges we face on a continuous basis.

We strive to instill the utmost confidence in our customers by assuring them that we are providing the absolute best product solution for their applications backed up with excellent service after the sale. Televes products are the logical choice in terms of functionality, reliability, performance and energy savings.


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Enjoy Broadcast TV while saving more than $1,500.00 per year

All you need is the right antenna for your location

A one time investment of about $250.00 depending on the antenna model and mounting hardware, minus installation fees if installed by a professional contractor. Then, get ready to enjoy your favorite TV programs and Sports without a monthly fee. For the price of a couple months of pay TV fees you will own your own antenna system providing free TV for life!

Learn about cord-cutting

pay tv

Pay TV requires about a $1,500.00* fee annually depending on the provider

over-the-air tv

Over the Air High Definition Broadcast TV requires no fee

*Real market data based on the average costs of Pay TV and antenna hardware and installation in 2023.

How to Choose Your TV Antenna

If you are not sure which antenna to purchase for your home you are welcome to use our free online antenna recommendation service below.

Please, provide your complete address to allow us provide the best possible recommendation for your precise installation location