Smart HDTV Outdoor/Attic Compact Antenna (Low VHF, High VHF, UHF)

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* European Patent: EP3252948 on * European Patent: EP3252948 on "Amplification system for telecommunication signals"

Enjoy free HD TV, up to 50 miles away from the transmitter, perfect for metro and suburban areas. With this state of the art outdoor antenna you will be able to watch your favorite free ovet-the-air programs, without subscriptions or monthly fees. Get the best reception performance combined with a trendy and compact look that is discreetly designed to not disturb the aesthetics of the exterior of your home.

In addition, you will always receive the optimal and stable signal level, even if the weather gets worse, thanks to the automatic gain adjustment.

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  • Your house will look good with this antenna, as it blends in perfectly in places where aesthetics are important, thanks to its modern and discreet design
  • It can be installed in many different locations, such as a balcony, attic, roof, side of the house, etc., thanks to its compact and lightweight size
  • Forget about assembly, the antenna comes in a single piece that you only have to install on the included support. It can also be installed on a mast, railing or similar
  • A lifelong antenna that resists weathering and damage for years and years, even in the worst conditions (humidity, salinity, wind, UV radiation, etc.), thanks to its construction in the best quality materials
  • The radome that protects the antenna is made of ABS plastic offering high resistance and preventing water ingress (IP53) and the clamp support made of Zamak is completely rustproof
  • Enjoy HD TV with excellent signal quality, thanks to Televes' patented high-gain TForce amplification technology and interference protection (FM, LTE, 4G and 5G filters)
  • The embedded pre-amplifier is key to achieve this remarkable quality, since the signal is amplified from the very first moment, avoiding noise addition that distorts the signal
  • Avoid the TV interference and noise caused by cell phone signals, thanks to high rejection 4G and 5G filters
  • You will continue watching TV even in adverse reception conditions (storms, obstacles, etc.), as the smart antenna adjusts in real time to compensate for signal changes
  • Enhance VHF reception even further by extending its telescoping VHF enhancement rods
  • Non-stop operation in case of power failure, the antenna will continue working in passive mode. In addition, it automatically returns to active mode when power is restored
  • Guaranteed quality. As a result of European manufacturing on robotized and automated 4.0 production lines, we ensure detailed control of each step of the process
  • Outstanding performance thanks to the cutting-edge technology using miniaturized electronic elements assembled on PBCs (printed circuit boards)
  • Antenna ready for the spectrum repack, it enhances the TV signal and avoids mobile phone interference after frequency relocation, ensuring the best reception on your TV


* European Patent: EP3252948 on "Amplification system for telecommunication signals"

A good TV signal is only as good as the antenna used to deliver it

The DINOVA antenna, designed and manufactured in Europe, offers you high reliability and excellent performance, thanks to its state-of-the-art design and rigorous quality controls.

The Televes brand is synonymous with reliability and confidence, and our passion for quality is what drives us. We are manufacturers with more than 60 years of experience, and we produce in our own facilities on automated and robotized lines in order to maintain total control over every stage of production. In addition, exhaustive quality controls are carried out in our certification laboratories, to guarantee every one of our customers the best results.

How to get the best signal on your TV?

To get a good signal, it’s necessary to choose the right antenna based on your location. This will depend on the distance to the TV towers and if you have an unobstructed direct line of sight to them. In an area free of obstacles, such as buildings, trees or mountains, the signals that are within the antenna's range should be picked up.

We help you to choose the perfect antenna in the following section "How to choose your antenna". Find out here

What’s included

The package includes the following items:

  • DINOVA BOSS MIX antenna
  • Power supply unit (2 outputs, F connectors. Indoor installation)
  • Wall mount
  • Small installation parts: wing nuts, screw on F connector, weather boot cover, U bolt, bracket
  • Antenna data sheet
  • Mount data sheet
  • Return information sheet

Packaging info

  • Packaging type: Box
  • Dimensions (in): 13.94 (W) x 3.54 (H) x 14.72 (D)
  • Weight (lb): 4.63
  • Location: Indoor, Outdoor, Attic
  • Connector type: F-connector
  • Range: Up to 50 miles
  • Typical reception area: Urban Metro, Metro Suburban
  • Reception pattern: Directional
  • Automatic gain adjustment: Yes
  • Antenna gain low VHF (dBi): 16
  • Antenna gain High VHF (dBi): 29
  • Antenna gain UHF (dBi): 34
  • Front to back ratio UHF (dB): 14
  • Frequency bands: Low VHF (54...88 MHz), High VHF (174...216 MHz), UHF (470...608 MHz)
  • Powering options: Over coaxial cable (power supply unit included)
  • Power (Vdc): 12V
  • Product dimensions (in): 31.22 (W) x 2.87 (H) x 16.22 (D)
  • Product weight (lb) : 3.19
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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Why do I need an antenna to receive broadcast signals?

    Broadcast signals are electromagnetic waves that propagate freely in space. The antenna works as an interface or media converter from these electromagnetic waves to conducted waves. Simply put, the antenna collects the airwaves, either very weak or very strong. In addition, depending on the distance to the television transmitter and other factors such as altitude, trees, hills/mountains and buildings, the signal strength may be reduced. Signals can be amplified at the antenna, as we do, downstream of the coaxial cable antenna, or even, in the case of very strong signals, the antenna may not need an amplifier.
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  • Why do Televes intelligent antennas outperform other so called active antennas?

    Our antennas have an exclusive feature that other active antennas do not have: BOSSTech® Technology, which provides the appropriate (regulated) signal level no matter the reception scenario. In case of antennas working in VHF and UHF, the regulation of signal level is adjusted separately (VHF, UHF) to take into consideration the different broadcasting conditions of the two bands. Also, the antennas can work in intelligent mode (power on) and in passive mode (power off), thus increasing its dynamic range. Last, but not least, the antennas perform mechanical and electronic filtering to get rid of unwanted interferences broadcasted in the UHF band that could potentially impair TV reception. In simple terms, BOSSTech® is a very sophisticated AGC amplifier on a chip designed by our engineers with 5G filtering that adjusts in real-time to current and changing conditions of broadcast TV signals, providing a more stable signal to the TV.
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  • How can I choose an antenna easily?

    There is no perfect antenna for everything, but depending on the situation, it will be convenient to choose one or the other. The selection of the right antenna depends on the frequency and strength of the available stations received in the user location. With these two factors in mind, you can consult our webpage to help you in making the right decision. In addition to listing the TV stations that are available in your area, our webpage also recommends an antenna (or antennas in case of several directions) which maximizes the number of stations and the quality and strength of the signals received. Finally, it is important to remember that antenna reception depends on many factors (the power and height of the transmitter, the existence of obstacles, the height of the antenna, and so on). If any doubt arises, it is preferable to select an antenna with a longer range to ensure good performance.
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  • Will an antenna work in an RV?

    The reception in motion of digital signals is usually impaired, as the availability of signals outside main coverage areas of broadcasting towers is low or simply nonexistent, so we presume that the TV reception of digital signals has to be stationary. Having said that, an indoor antenna could work in a RV if the receiving conditions are good (moderate to high signal availability). However, our recommendation is to install an outdoor antenna, such as DINOVA BOSS MIX or CAMPNOVA BOSS antenna. Check our website for information on our antennas suitable for RV or Camping use : Also research TV stations in the area in the areas you plan to visit and also the antenna orientation to achieve best signal quality during your adventures outdoors. Keep in mind that ATSC 3.0 has mobile reception capabilities for future use, so it will be possible in the near future to receive broadcast TV from participating TV stations while on the move.
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  • What is the difference between an intelligent and a passive antena?

    An intelligent antenna has an integrated built-in amplifier, while a passive antenna does not have an amplifier. An intelligent antenna will work on active mode if it’s connected to power provided from a downstream power supply, receiving power through the coax cable. A passive antenna is not an active component even when connected to a pre-amplifier, it is rather just a passive component of an active system.
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