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David Rosenbloom | Founder and CTO Comm-Tech AV, LLC

Keep up the good work Televes

I’ve used Televes antennas, amplifiers and test equipment in residential, commercial and cable television applications. The build quality and performance of the products is excellent. It’s nice to see a company taking over the air reception products so seriously. Keep up the good work Televes.

Ed Carson | Atlanta Digital TV

Televes antennas are an excellent choice

As a professional installer and user I've found Televes antennas to be some of the best built available.  They're high-quality antennas that deliver excellent reception for the new digital frequencies. Their antennas are relatively easy to install, and come with clear visual instructions.  Televes has a model range that will suit most reception needs whether you live in a rural area and need long range or the city.  Overall, Televes TV antennas, amplifiers, and other products are high-quality that deliver.  Whether you're looking to cut the cord on cable and satellite or enhance your existing TV viewing with an antenna, I've found Televes antennas are an excellent choice.

P J Kruschel | Dells & Baraboo RadioShacks

Best solution for our customers

Our stores are in a tough broadcast area. We tried out a couple of Televes' models and found them to be a better solution for our customers. They continuously outperform the competition and the built in amplifiers make them a better value than traditional solutions. The build quality, ease of setup and extra features like Automatic Gain Control, Dual Output and 4G/5G Frequency Filtering are all just icing on the cake.

Paul Du Bois | End user

Exploring OTA TV: From Curiosity to Quality

I initially got interested in OTA tv out of curiosity and an unwillingness to pay for channels I didn’t watch . I work in the communications industry as a technician and I knew the basics but I soon found myself going down the rabbit hole. So many questions, so many possibilities, so many products to choose from. What will work for me in what turned out to be a difficult area ?

I eventually decided on two manufacturers. Both had good reputations as quality products and both work well in my area. Televes however is my main antenna. The build quality is impressive. Very solid antenna that currently resides in my attic however I plan to mount it outside this spring and I have no concerns as to how it will stand up to bad weather. Someone clearly put some thought into the design with longevity in mind. Its reception capabilities exceed what I expected across all frequencies including lo-v. What really impressed me the most was the customer engagement. From my first inquiry through assembly the support was truly noteworthy and brand confidence building. I highly recommend this company and their products.