Avant X

High gain professional multiband amplifier, with 32 programmable and independent filters. All in one, combine up to 6 antennas in a single device

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* European Patent: EP2416567 on * European Patent: EP2416567 on "Amplification system"

Expand your cable TV and FM radio installation by adding free Over The Air TV with the multiband programmable amplifier Avant X. Installed at the headend for professional TV distribution in individual or collective installations with many TVs or devices, or to extend the signal over long cable distances, thanks to its very high output level.

Enjoy HD quality on multiple TV sets by boosting the received signal with the Avant X, compatible with any passive/non-amplified antenna.

Receive a greater number of channels thanks to the enhanced signal level. You will get a multitude of programs by combining of up to 5 antennas, receiving from different transmitters, including FM and cable TV.

Avant X is the best ally for the professional installer. This single device performs the same functions as multiple professional devices (filters, mixers, amplifiers) and combines the best signals from up to 5 antennas it into a single optimized signal through one coaxial cable.

In addition, you will always receive the optimal and stable signal level, even if the weather gets worse, thanks to the automatic gain adjustment.

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  • All-in-one programmable professional amplifier, amplifies, filters and mixes over a single coax cable, the signal of Over The Air TV, FM and cable TV
  • Installed at the headend for professional TV distribution with many TVs or devices, or long cable distances, thanks to its very high output level
  • Get even more channels by mixing the signal from several TV towers in multiple different directions, combine up to five antennas with a single amplifier and deliver the combined optimized signal down over a single coaxial cable
  • Obtain the best quality for each channel in real time, thanks to the automatic adjustment of the signal level to always receive the desired results on your TV
  • Easy installation and no need to mount a rotator, saving you from the maintenance of the mechanics
  • Achieve professional performance programming the Avant X as you wish, using the free ASuite app on your smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Reaches every corner of your home, thanks to the high gain of the amplifier the signal can be split to multiple TVs or devices around your home all while delivering perfect levels
  • Deliver the TV signal to more TVs or devices, by installing splitters on one or both of the outputs on the power supply
  • Improved signal with smart amplification maximum performance and interference rejection, thanks to Televes' patented high-gain T-Force amplification technology and its 32 programmable and independent filters
  • You will continue watching TV even in adverse reception conditions (storms, obstacles, etc...), as the automatic balancing adjusts in real time the output level to compensate for signal changes
  • A long-lasting amplifier constructed of high quality Zamak that offers high electromagnetic shielding and outstanding durability
  • Guaranteed quality. As a result of European manufacturing on robotized and automated 4.0 production lines, we ensure detailed control of each step of the process
  • Outstanding performance thanks to the cutting-edge technology using miniaturized electronic elements assembled on PBCs (printed circuit boards)
  • Amplifier ready for the spectrum repack, it enhances the TV signal and avoids mobile phone interference after frequency relocation, ensuring the best reception on your TV


* European Patent: EP2416567 on "Amplification system"

A good TV signal is only as good as the antenna and the equipment to deliver it

The Avant X, designed and manufactured in Europe, offers you high reliability and excellent performance, thanks to its state-of-the-art design and rigorous quality controls.

The Televes brand is synonymous with reliability and confidence, and our passion for quality is what drives us. We are manufacturers with more than 60 years of experience, and we produce in our own facilities on automated and robotized lines in order to maintain total control over every stage of production. In addition, exhaustive quality controls are carried out in our certification laboratories, to guarantee every one of our customers the best results.

How to get the best signal in a professional TV installation?

Avant X is the installer's best choice. To ensure good signal reception in many TV sets, even over long distances of coax cable, it is recommended to install a programmable headend amplifier. It performs a digital processing through 32 programmable filters of high selectivity, enhancing the level of each channel independently, avoiding interferences and obtaining at all times the best output signal. In this way you will be able to distribute the signal in large installations, with satisfactory results, and reaching all locations with perfect quality.

What’s included

The package includes the following items:
  • Avant X 6 inputs / 1 output
  • Avant Power supply 1 input/1 output
  • USB OTG Cable
  • Amplifier data sheet

Packaging info

  • Packaging type: Box
  • Dimensions (in): 6.65 (W) x 2.6 (H) x 11.5 (D)
  • Weight (lb): 2.65
  • Location: Indoor
  • Connector type: F-connector
  • Amplifier type: Programmable
  • Gain adjustment type: Automatic for VHF & UHF, Manual for CATV & FM
  • Gain FM (dB): 30
  • Gain Low VHF (dB): 75
  • Gain High VHF (dB): 75
  • Gain UHF (dB): 75
  • Gain CATV (dB): 40
  • Input dynamic range: VHF and UHF: From -20 to 40 dBmV
  • Max current/power per input (mA/V): UHF & VHF: 70mA/12V; FM & CATV: No DC Pass
  • No. Filters: 32
  • Bandwidth per filter (MHz): From 6 to 24 MHz
  • Interchannel selectivity (dB): UHF & VHF: More than 50dB; FM: More than 20dB
  • Output level FM (dBmV): 66
  • Output level Low VHF (dBmV): 66
  • Output level High VHF (dBmV): 66
  • Output level UHF (dBmV): 66
  • Output level CATV (dBmV): 66
  • Frequency bands: Low VHF (54...88 MHz), High VHF (174...216 MHz), UHF (470...608 MHz), FM (88… 108 MHz), CATV (54...1218 MHz)
  • No. Input: 6
  • No. Output: 1
  • Amplifier current consumption (mA): 1110 mA at 12V
  • Power consumption (W): 14
  • Power input (Vac): 110...230 Vac
  • Product dimensions (in): 8.85 (W) x 4.72 (H) x 2.16 (D)
  • Product weight (lb) : 2.03
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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • How can I feed several TV sets using the same antenna?

    By installing a splitter with the desired number of outputs to feed the TV sets. You may also need an amplifier to spread the signal over several outlets.
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  • I get degraded pictures on my TV. What may be happening?

    The digital signals, unlike analog signals, are all or nothing signals, so once they start to degrade they pixelize, and then they progress to a black screen. In this case, there are some checks that should be done: Is the antenna pointed in the right direction? Is the antenna preamplifier, if so equipped, plugged into a working household outlet? Was the antenna damaged in a storm or otherwise moved? Have you rescanned your TV recently? TV antennas are relatively simple devices, but even a small change in the antenna location or coax cable network could cause poor reception.
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