Cord cutting

Discover the Cord-Cutting Revolution and why you should consider its many benefits

Cord-Cutting is rapidly growing trend of switching away from pay TV services in favor of free entertainment options such as free Broadcast TV, combined with streaming services over the Internet.

Thanks to Cord-Cutting, you will be able to enjoy high value content from your favorite networks in stunning HD formats suitable for all family members, without any type of mandatory subscriptions or recurring fees.

Broadcast TV is the transmission of digital television signals Over the Air, also called OTA or off-air. Signals are sent from a TV station and received at homes by using TV antennas. Receiving these signals is open to the public absolutely free of charge and in high definition, which means that anyone with a suitable antenna can receive the signal without the expense of a monthly payment or any type of subscription, in other words, completely for free.

no subscriptions

high definition

for all family members


Save up to $1,500 every year

Save up to $1,500 every year by joining the Cord-Cutting movement

With free-to-air TV you can forget about recurring payments. Making an initial investment in an antenna system allows you to enjoy unlimited access to your favorite TV programs.

Pay TV services require an average monthly expense of $125 per household, or $1,500 per year. Free-to-air television does not require recurring payments, since it is possible to receive it totally free of charge, without paying any monthly fee. For this, you only need to make a one-time cash outlay to install an antenna and its accessories, and you will have unlimited access to your favorite TV channels. An upfront cost of approximately $250*for self-installation is all that’s needed.

This one-time investment is equal to about 2 months of a typical Pay TV subscription, so you will potentially save $1,250 in the first year, exceeding $4,000 in just 3 years.

* Estimated cost for an average customer performed installation: antenna, cable, mounting hardware, and accessories. (Professional installation is recommended for anyone without the knowledge or skill set to safely complete the project)

average cumulative expense 3 years

NextGenTV and ATSC 3.0

Ultra HD content with the most advanced standards

The new technology used for OTA transmission is called NextGenTV, which offers improved picture and sound quality.

It is also known by the name of the standard, ATSC 3.0, the evolution of the previous ATSC 1.0 standard. These new technologies provide high-quality viewing and listening experiences: Ultra HD video, 4K, 8K, HDR and immersive audio, using very high transmission speeds and multi-program capability are all possible with NextGen TV. Furthermore, NextGen broadcast signals can include additional information, such as advanced emergency alerts, interactive data, and targeted advertising.

US over- the-air Television Networks are already using the NextGen standard in many US markets and over 70% of US broadcasters are estimated to be upgraded to NextGen transmissions by the end of 2023. This will allow consumers with an antenna and a Nextgen capable TV or set top box to receive several high-definition channels in their homes, taking advantage of the advanced technical benefits made possible by NextGen TV.

Wide range of open content

Today and into the future, we will enjoy a wide variety of meaningful content for the whole family: newscasts, interviews, sports, documentaries, blockbuster movies, award-winning series, dramas and much more. A significant advantage of off-air television is access to live TV programming allowing you to stay connected and always updated.

TV Broadcaster are already paying close attention to consumer preferences by offering significantly more online entertainment services through off-the-air transmission. Among the most important TV channels that make up this large OTA broadcast networks include ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, The CW, PBS, Univision, Telemundo, and their online subsidiaries such as Paramount+ and Peacock.

One of the significant advantages of OTA television is the local community aspect where we can find content specific to nearby regions and cities. These local network affiliates offer a variety of programming including news, sports, local entertainment and most important life-saving weather and safety alerts, all in real time.

How to join the Cord-Cutting Revolution and enjoy free-to-air television

The simplest and most cost-effective solution to enjoy all available free-to-air content is to install a high-quality TV antenna. It is important to keep in mind that there is no single perfect antenna for all situations, and it is necessary to choose the antenna that best suits your location, depending mainly on the distance to the broadcasting tower and terrain.

To ensure maximum signal quality, we recommend choosing a smart antenna, as it will increase the accuracy in receiving the desired signal while avoiding unwanted interference. In addition, smart antennas automatically adapt the signal strength, without the need for additional hardware, receiving in real time the optimal signal level, regardless of the conditions of the moment. All Televes antennas are smart and are manufactured on automated robotic production lines with the highest quality control processes in our industry, guaranteeing our customers the best possible user experience.

Finally, there are other accessory items to help you get the most out of your TV antenna. You can watch free-to-air TV on multiple TV sets at the same time, with a single antenna, by adding splitters and amplifiers to your installation. You can also install multiple antennas and combine them with a SmartKom, to receive TV signal from TV stations in multiple directions, and increase the number of received channels. This is especially useful in rural or suburban areas where reception may be weaker and signals are transmitted available from several directions.

At Televes, we are passionate about helping to guide you in choosing the antenna that best suits your location: find out here.

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