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Why trust in Televes?

We are a technology company with global reach dedicated to designing, developing, and manufacturing innovative telecommunication infrastructure products and solutions for homes, buildings, and cities worldwide.

With over 65 years of experience, we are committed to providing our US customers with the highest quality products. That's why we manufacture in-house, ensuring maximum control over the manufacturing process and delivering unparalleled quality. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities have established us as leaders in 4.0 “Industry 4.0”, environments. the ultimate standard merging IoT, AI, Big Data, Robotics and Automation technologies.

Our history reflects our unwavering commitment to quality. We began in a small workshop in Santiago de Compostela, manufacturing antennas manually with only ten employees. By the end of 1961, we had established an assembly line capable of producing up to 100 antennas per day. Thanks to decades of dedicated efforts in automation and robotization, today we can produce more than 6,000 antennas per day.

In the recent years we have become more than a reliable brand with reliable quality products; we are the leading firm within a corporation of over 20 companies, 800+ employees, more than 140 invention patents and 200 registries for industrial and intelectual property.

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a differential brand

Our Televes brand is recognized in the market by our core values.

Product and industrial R&D

a team in constant evolution

We place great importance on our R&D teams, both for product design and for industrial development, as we believe they play a crucial role in our mission to provide innovative solutions for the telecommunications industry. We understand that technology is constantly evolving, and our commitment to R&D ensures that we stay at the forefront of these changes, identifying emerging technologies, developing new products, and improving existing ones.

We invest heavily in our R&D resources, tools and capabilities, fostering a culture of innovation, encouraging our employees to think creatively and to take risks in pursuit of new ideas, all evident in our product portfolio. Our innovative solutions have earned us a reputation for excellence and have helped to position us as a leader in the telecommunications industry.


Cutting edge technology

We believe that the right people, working methods, environment, facilities, and control systems are essential for success. We take pride in being pioneers in our sector using robotized manufacturing lines. Productivity translates into higher quality and competitiveness in the market. We follow a "Flexible Manufacturing Systems" (FMS) approach, which integrates the latest Industry 4.0 methodologies to create engineering and production environments that remain agile and innovative in a highly competitive industry.


passion for detail

We value our industrial tradition of controlling the entire process in-house, from design to manufacture. We believe in "European technology made in Europe," which reflects our commitment to quality. Our self certification laboratory is one of the most advanced in the sector, where we conduct rigorous tests to ensure the quality of our products, including electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety, temperature, vibration, and humidity tests. We subject our components to aging tests in extreme environments to ensure their durability, ensuring our products meet the most demanding expectations.

Our products are made with precision and care. We have unparalleled capacities in electronic manufacturing, but we even invest in processes that most companies in the sector outsource. We only understand quality assurance if we can control the full cycle of design and production, for example in areas such as:

  • Metal tube and mast manufacturing

  • PCB for electronics component mounting

  • Robotics and production assembly lines ZAMAK chassis injection Plastic injection

  • Surface protection treatments

  • Laser cutting and conforming of metal plates

  • Cutting Edge SMT for microelectronic circuits and components

reliable technical support

We understand that our customers depend on us, not only for top-quality products, but also for exceptional customer service and technical support. That's why we are committed to providing personalized attention and expert advice to you, as a guarantee to ensure you get the most out of your TV antenna and signal distribution equipment.

european technology made in europe

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We control all the processes to guarantee quality



Televes has leading presence worldwide

We have a strong international presence, with subsidiaries in key markets around the world including the United States, Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Poland, Scandinavia, Russia, China, and the United Arab Emirates. These subsidiaries enable us to better understand your local needs and provide you with tailored solutions in your region. In addition to our subsidiaries, we have a global network of distributors that reach more than 100 countries across all five continents. We continue to work hard to ensure that we deliver the best quality products and customer service. Our global presence is a testament to our commitment to being a leading player in the telecommunication infrastructures industry.

International Headquarters

Televes Corporation in the world


corporate highlights


Televes is born manufacturing analog TV antennas in a small garage in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.


We complement our antennas by launching a full range of signal amplifiers and distribution equipment for buildings and homes.


We begin our international expansion with the inauguration of our 1st subsidiary in Portugal. At present we also have Italy, UK, France, Germany, Poland, USA (2), Scandinavia, Middle East and China.


We begin our automation processes with our first Superficial Mounting Technology (SMT) machine.


Launch of Pro45 antenna. First wide-band antenna in the market with triple directors. It became an icon and has set the standard for antennas ever since.


Televes enters the US market and develops the first QPSK to QAM transmodulator in the industry.


Televes USA opens in Colorado.


Launching of Televes field spectrum analyzers for TV installations in the US Market.


We launch the first fully automated and robotized antenna manufacturing line in the world.


Digital TV switch-off processes in Europe, placing Televes as the leader with the revolutionary DAT HD antenna.


We surpass the mark of 75 patents of invention, with more than 200 registries of industrial property for various national an international markets.


We break the 100,000 mark for antennas sold in the US.


Corp4Future Project, investing more than 20 million euros in Industry 4.0 manufacturing technology and processes.


Launch of TForce technology, resulting in the first intelligent DTT antennas in the world.


We continue to develop ahead of the curve in the US and launch a live stream encoder for Hospitality with up to 12 input streams, and the first ATSC 3.0 MIMO antenna.

televes corporation

bound by technology

Committed to technology, Televes is not just a leading brand in the television signal reception and distribution sector, it is the leading firm within a technological group of companies, each serving specific niche markets in the telecommunication infrastructure industry. Televes Corporation builds collective knowledge by feeding from the activity of each of its technological and industrial companies, giving us a better and broader view to provide the best products and solutions for telecom infrastructures in homes, buildings, and cities, helping you participate and profit in the digital transformation of the taking place world-wide.